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10 / 15 / 2012

Shipping costs...

All shipping costs are approximate.

The shipping fee will be charged to you after your order has been completed and it's ready to be shipped. This is similar to some E-Bay transactions where the seller can charge you for shipping for any amount after the initial purchase transaction.

There is no extra cost to customers for doing the second transaction.

This method can actually benefit the customers as we can charge more accurately for orders.

Example: Shipping would be $18 (based on postal rates to specified address and weight) for two 6 letter words being shipped to the same address instead of $24 ($12 per word)
Keep in mind that the rates may be higher if shipping across or outside Canada.

You will receive an e-mail from us with a link to a PayPal Buy Now button for the amount of the exact shipping fees to be paid.

3 - 6 Letters
7 - 10 Letters
10x24 Poster   $18.00
12x36 Poster   $25.00


Of course there are no shipping costs involved if you choose to pick your order up directly from us.


Shipping rates are subject to change without notice.
Rates will be whatever our shipping service provider charges us.